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Hotels are displayed based on their distance from the requested destination, from closest to farthest.

The 3 colour codes (green, orange, red) are intended to help you better select your establishment. The green colour code indicates that the hotels listed completely match your criteria and are available on the requested dates. The orange colour code indicates that the hotels partly fulfil the criteria you are looking for. In this case, we display the hotel criteria that have not been met (services or facilities, budget, distance from the city you searched for). The red colour code indicates that the hotel meets your criteria but is not available on the requested dates.

The prices shown on the website are the best rates for the hotel on the dates you have requested. There is generally one price per room corresponding to the number of people requested in the search engine. If you want to stay for more than one night, you will see an overall price multiplied by the total number of nights.

Most of the prices given on the website are prices inclusive of tax for accommodation only, meaning the price of the room, exclusive of additional services such as breakfast, half-board, an extra bed or any other options that hotels may propose for reservation. Some rates, and particularly our offers, may include the price of the room as well as additional services such as breakfast or dinner: in this specific case, it will be clearly stipulated in the description of the offer. 

The tourist tax is a tax that hotels pay to their local authority. Depending on the city, it may apply to rooms or people or be seasonal or even non-existent. The amount displayed for this tourist tax is a total amount (encompassing all of the rooms or all of the people included in the reservation). 

On our website, you can make reservations in real time, with the chosen hotel's actual rates and availability. Once you have finished, your reservation is firm and final.

You can book several rooms at once, with different occupancies (number of people in the room) per room. However, you cannot book several hotels in the same reservation: you must book one hotel at a time. After your reservation has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email including all of the information about your stay. 

If you are not satisfied with our website or have booking problems, feel free to contact our reservations centre, which will provide you with the necessary assistance: +33 4 70 56 39 10, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 18:30 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 12 noon.

Online payment is not the rule on our website. You must enter your bank account information so we may validate and guarantee your reservation. But entering this information does not mean we will debit your bank card, which we do not do in most cases. All information is clearly stated on your booking confirmation document: you will know what is due at the hotel and/or what has already been paid online. 
For all of our brands, the only time your bank card will be debited is when you are booking a special offer requiring immediate pre-payment (offers that cannot be changed or cancelled, for example). In this case, the information will be stated on the offer's presentation page and terms of sale and the full amount of the stay will be debited from your bank card.

When you have immediately paid for a reservation online, this is clearly stipulated on your booking confirmation document. However, if you have booked options (breakfasts, half-board, etc.), these may not be due until you are at the hotel, even if you paid for the room when booking. This is also clearly stated on your booking confirmation. 

Lastly, please note that the tourist tax is directly due onsite at the hotel and is not included in the amount that can be prepaid when booking. The amount of the tourist tax that you must pay at the hotel will also be shown on your booking confirmation document. 

In general, many hotels let you check in after 3 pm and check out by noon at the latest on the day of your departure. But this may vary from one hotel to another. This information is included on each hotel description and will appear again during your booking process. 

If you are planning to arrive late, we highly recommend notifying the hotel by phone to receive any useful information you may need (the access code for the door, the room key, etc.).  You can find the hotel's contact information on the hotel description and on your booking confirmation document. Feel free to contact the hotel if you have a question about your stay or want to notify the hotel of your needs during your stay.

We recommend carefully reading the general terms of sale for SEH United Hoteliers's brands to familiarise yourself with SEH United Hoteliers's booking policy. 

  • With our search engine and its "fulltext" search field:
    Our search engine is easy to use. It is made up of a free search field with auto-completion. Destination or hotel suggestions will appear when you enter text. In this free search field, you can enter a country, region, département, city, hotel name or specific address. 
    NB: note that if you perform a search for the city of "Nantes" for example, you will have all of the hotels located in the city as well as those located within a certain distance from the city.
  • With our voice search tool:
    If you use the browser Chrome or a mobile phone, tablet or smartphone, you can use our voice search tool by clicking the small microphone found to the right of the search engine's input field. Once you have clicked the microphone, a message will appear in the same place, indicating that you can speak and state your destination: region, département, city, hotel name, etc.
  • With our map search and the map symbol located at the top right of the search engine:
    If you do not know exactly what you are looking for or want to find a hotel near a meeting place, you can perform a search on a map by clicking the small "Map" symbol located at the top right of the search engine on the website's homepage. From there, you can narrow down your search by zooming into the map until you see hotels. 


You must have a customer account to view your reservation. Once your customer account has been created, you can access your booking history and future reservations. You also received an email after you made your reservation. This document, calling "booking confirmation", summarises your stay with the services you have chosen.

Here is the section of the general terms of sale devoted to the cancellation policy: 

If you wish to amend your reservation (change dates, names, the number of people, the number of rooms, the room type, etc.), please send an email during opening hours to or call our reservations centre at: 0826 10 39 09 (€0.15 incl. tax/minute) from France (+ 33 1 70 23 81 63 from abroad) or send a fax to +33 1 42 06 25 52 (from France) or +33 1 42 06 25 52 (from abroad) making sure you have your booking confirmation number to hand. The reservations centre's opening times: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon. 

You can also change your booking online by going to the site where you made your booking, making sure you have your booking confirmation number to hand. Booking amendments are allowed. However, if the amendment involves cancelling any of the nights booked, the cancellation rules mentioned below will apply.

You can follow exactly the same process to cancel your reservation. That said, if you are not within the time limit provided to cancel your reservation free of charge, the late cancellation conditions defined in paragraph 5 will apply.


The Accent card is a free loyalty card which you can use to earn points each time you stay in P’tit Dej-HOTEL, INTER-HOTEL, QUALYS-HOTEL and Relais du Silence hotels and enjoy a wide range of benefits, gifts and discounts. The card is issued in your name and is non-transferable.

You can view the details of the benefits of our Accent Card Loyalty Programme under our Loyalty heading.

  • Online registration: 
    You can register with the loyalty programme and apply for your Accent card directly on-line, under our Loyalty heading, by filling in our registration form or when you create your customer account. You will receive your Accent card free in the post at the address given, within 7 working days on average. 
  • Registering in the hotel: 
    You can request your Accent card directly from reception at the P’tit Dej-HOTEL, INTER-HOTEL, QUALYS-HOTEL and Relais du Silence hotels. The hotel owner will give you the Accent card in return for a completed registration form. You can start earning points straight away.
  • Where can I use my Accent card?
    My Accent card is valid in all the P’tit Dej-HOTEL, INTER-HOTEL, QUALYS-HOTEL and Relais du Silence hotels throughout France and Europe.

The Accent card does not have a period of validity.

The benefits of the Accent card only apply on direct bookings made:

- by telephone, directly with the hotel or the SEH Reservations Centre on +33 4 70 56 39 10
- on the hotel's own website or the website of the brand it belongs to

They are valid for the tariffs on display, the business package tariffs (applicable from Sunday to Thursday evening) and tariffs for Companies under contract, (not specific) with the SEH. The Accent loyalty programme benefits cannot be earned with any other tariff, promotion or special offer.

To get Accent points, you simply hand over your card at the reception desk of the hotel where you're staying when you pay your bill. Every night paid for by the cardholder entitles him/her to Accent points, on presentation of the card at the reception, limited to five consecutive nights per stay.

The points scale is as follows:
- 1 night in a P’tit Dej-Hotel = 2 Accent points
- 1 night in an Inter-Hotel = 3 Accent points
- 1 night in a Qualys-Hotel = 4 Accent points
- 1 night in a Relais du Silence = 4 Accent points

You start earning points from your first stay after you receive the Accent card.

Each Accent point is valid for two years by calendar date from the date on which the point is earned. After two years, Accent points acquired and not used are automatically cancelled.

It is the responsibility of the Accent cardholder to personally ensure that the points he/she has obtained have been properly credited to his/her card. If the cardholder notices that points have not been properly credited, he/she may request that his/her account be updated within 4 weeks after the stay in question. This update request should be accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents: a copy of the invoice for your stay issued by the hotel and made out in the cardholder's name.
You can request an update of your points from your customer loyalty account.

To obtain your gifts, you simply ask for them at the reception desk of your selected hotel and present your Accent card.

The Accent loyalty programme entitles you, from your 2nd stay and depending on the validity of your points, to: 
- for 20 Accent points = 1 bottle of dry Laurent-Perrier champagne in a box
- for 30 Accent points = an immediate discount of €40 (48 CHF in Switzerland)
- for 40 Accent points  = a card with a face value of €50 which can be used in all of our establishments (60 CHF in Switzerland)
- for 100 Accent points = a discount card worth €120 to be claimed against the purchase of a box from the Relais du Silence range of gift boxes

It is a discount for the amount of €40 (48 CHF in Switzerland), which can be applied immediately and deducted from the bill by the hotel where you are staying, at the request of the cardholder and on presentation of the card, in exchange for 30 Accent points. It is non-refundable and cannot be credited to a card or a bank account.

On-the-spot €40 discount may be applied only on payments carried out on the hotel's premises at the end of your stay.

The €50 card is a card with a face value of €50 (60 CHF in Switzerland). It is activated by the hotel, at the request of the Accent cardholder, and on presentation of the card, in exchange for 40 Accent points. 

The €50 card can be used once only to pay for all or part of the hotel or restaurant services of P'tit Dej-HOTEL, INTER-HOTEL, QUALYS-HOTEL and Relais du Silence hotels. It should be presented at the reception desk of your selected hotel where it will be checked to ensure it is valid before being accepted as a means of payment.

It can be used 24 hours after it has been activated and is valid for 12 months (activation ticket given by the hotel to be kept by the cardholder). The €50 card can be combined: you can use several active €50 cards as means of payment for the same stay. The €50 card is not issued in any name and can therefore be used by its recipient or anyone else of his/her choice.  The €50 card is non-refundable and cannot be credited to a card or a bank account. If not used before the end of its expiry date, or if it is lost, stolen or destroyed, its recipient may not claim a refund or replacement. The €50 gift voucher may be applied only on payments carried out on the hotel's premises at the end of your stay.

The €120 card is a card which enables you to obtain a discount of €120 off the purchase of a gift box from the Relais du Silence range (+ free flat-fee for postage up to a maximum of €7).  
It is activated by the hotel, at the request of the Accent cardholder, and on presentation of the card, in exchange for 100 Accent points.

The €120 card entitles you to a discount of €120 off the purchase of a gift box from the Relais du Silence range (+ free flat-fee for postage up to a maximum of €7). It can be used 24 hours after it is activated and is valid for 6 months for ordering a gift box. The €120 card is non-refundable and cannot be credited to a card or a bank account. If not used before the end of its expiry date, or if it is lost, stolen or destroyed, its recipient may not claim a refund or replacement.

The €120 card can be used exclusively on the Relais du Silence gift box store. To order a Relais du Silence gift box and take advantage of the €120 discount, the recipient should type in the 14 digit discount code written on the back of the €120 card on the on-line store at

For any purchase of a gift box under €120, the difference cannot be refunded. For any purchase of a gift box over €120, the recipient will be able to pay the remainder by another means of payment (bank card, PayPal or cheque).

Creating a user account lets you do several things: 
• It makes it easier to book: your personal details are stored and therefore you won't have to enter them again each time you make a reservation (surname, first name, address, e-mail, etc.). Based on your e-mail and password, your personal details are automatically displayed when you make a reservation, which saves you time. If you are already logged on to your account, the information will be automatically displayed when you book.

• You can access to your booking history: you will be able to see your past reservations and your future reservations (useful for regular travellers).  You will also be able to change or cancel your reservations from your customer account.

• You have access to a preferences area: you will be able to define your preference criteria, so that we can suggest establishments matching your tastes and preferences as far as possible, and so serve you better.

• You have access to all the information regarding your Accent Card loyalty account: points history and gifts waiting or to come...When you create your customer account, a confirmation e-mail will automatically be sent to you. You should then click on the link in the e-mail to confirm the creation of your personal account.

To receive your user ID and access your customer account, you can request a reset of your User ID by clicking on the "Lost password" link in the log-in box of your customer account.

All you need to do is log in to your customer account, with the User ID sent by e-mail when you registered.

To access your Accent loyalty account from your iPhone, you should previously register with the Accent Hotel Loyalty app and generate the ID codes necessary for your initial log-in. These ID codes can be obtained directly from "Your customer account".

04. SATISFACTION FOLLOW-UP / Customer Service

The guest ratings and reviews posted on this website are taken from the responses to the satisfaction surveys emailed to guests after they have stayed in the hotel. The responses collected are published directly on this site on a daily basis, with no amendments made to the comments or corresponding ratings by our survey partner Qualitelis.

Each time you book on one of our websites, you will receive an e-mail after your stay with a link to our satisfaction survey. This will only take a couple of minutes to fill in and your opinion is important to us. On the one hand, it enables us to give our hotels a guest rating, a key factor in the annual evaluation of our hotels, and on the other, all the reviews will be available to the hotels which can, if need be, respond to them, but also actively take the views into account in order to improve the quality of their service, if necessary. 

Finally, for everything relating to quality (to do with the reservation or the stay), the SEH has a dedicated department which studies all the customer feedback and liaises with the hotels, where necessary. You can contact this department by sending an e-mail to: 


The information you send through our website is strictly confidential. This information is used to process your order. Our group and our sites comply with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on data processing, data files and individual liberties, as amended by Law No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004.


If you have a question which has not been covered by these FAQs, please contact our Reservations Centre on + 33 1 70 23 81 63, open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6.30 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm (if your question is to do with reservations) or call the SEH Head Office about any other questions on +33 1 42 06 41 41.

You can also use our form (Ask your question), and the department concerned with your request will get back to you as quickly as possible.
You can also send us an e-mail at:

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