Be a winner with the Accent Card !

The Accent Card is free and valid for use in our P'tit Dej-Hotel, Inter-Hotel, Qualys-Hotel and Relais du Silence hotel brands in France and abroad.

Personalised and bearing your name, it will allow you to leave our hotels with gifts in hand*. And for all bookings made via one of our brand sites or our multi-brand portal, we will offer you an extra Accent point.

If you already have an Accent Card, please fill in the form below and enter the number on the Accent Card you have been provided with along with all of the useful information that will allow us to sign you up to the loyalty programme.

If you do not yet hold an Accent card, please fill in the same form but leave the "card number" field blank. We will complete your registration and send you an Accent card.

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You'll love being loyal !

Throughout Europe,
the Accent Card rewards your loyalty in all 550 hotels under our 4 brands.

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